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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yucca in Joshua Tree

In the foreground is long leafed yucca and in the back ground short leafed joshua.
Well worn trails of smaller animals can be found in the Park. I'll try to find a better camera with which to show them.

For the interested there is a variety of animal dropping s to be seen, some would say scat. Coyote and Fox scat is common. Saw one instance of fox droppings which contained a
length of string with pieces of green ballooned attached to it.

Recently saw a beautiful slender snake of a kind I had not seen before. It was of about two feet in length and had a largish head. Its color was a light maroon. Its sides were decorated with patches of a lacy pattern of a very light grayish-green color. Didn't have an adequate camera with me.

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