About This Blog

Some of the miscellaneous categories you might find dealt with here will include:
~ health
~ writing
~ blogging
~ environment
~ science
~ education
~ desert
~ walk
~ photos

About This Blog

This blog, Mixt,  was to be a place to put all the posts which did not fit Our Story or Exoteric.

It was to be a place to blog about writing and health and like that. It has turned out to be a place to put the photos which motivate my walks.

The reason for my posts on this blog, as it is on my other blogs, is to keep in touch with family and friends. I'm a bit of a hermit here on the desert and see little of friends and family and so use these blogs to reach out to them. To you.

Of course, I also see this blog as a way of giving my self a chance to make a new friend.

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