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Friday, May 10, 2013

Three Months in Thailand

I haven't decided whether or not  it is best to post my writings from Thailand here or in Our Story blog. I hope to start taking pictures here and I have thought to make Mixt the blog to contain my photography.

The following are some miscellaneous thoughts after considering my time here  a bit.

Ar t least one person has stated that red ant eggs and butterfly larva ate prepared as delicious food in Thailand. I have not checked out that assertion. I am still checking out more common dishes  such as "kaho man gai" and "rhat na. The first is chicken rice that is rice steamed in chicken broth. The second features very large rice noodles in a gravy and leafy green veggies.

I have not seen the mysterious fireballs of the grand naga, but I have seen two grand naga of the "white" variety north of here on the Mekong. Both were recently deceased.

There is lots to learn about here. As in other climes the mind of woman is one of the more challenging happenings to learn about. Thai culture and language are other challenging areas of learning.  I have recently considered Thai diplomacy, archaeology, and folklore as interesting areas to explore.

I have tried and enjoyed bathing an  one hot springs developed as a a spa  and hope to try others.

I suspect that if I had a kitchen that I could afford a part time cook. Still I do find expenses here higher than I expect. Lots of wishful thinking on my part.

I wish I knew someone who could teach me something of the  history of early Persian influence in South East Asia. I suspect that influence begins before 800 BC.

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