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Friday, October 26, 2012

Intention affirmations.

~ I propose to take better care of myself here and now.
~  I am ready, willing and able to learn to maintain my income here
~ I propose to bring more wealth and income into my life this day.
~ I welcome good luck right here and right now..
~ I propose to note what it is that I lack right here.
~ I propose to use a mirror to look into my eyes now.
~ I seek to have fun easily this day.
~ I propose to have some fun right here.
~ I intend right now to give myself a great day.
~ I seek to let go of a situation this month wherein I have little control.
~ I plan a golden mean of responsibility this week.
~ I intend to know what it means to better organize my diagnosis right here.
~ I propose to profit by sharing information with another here and now..
~ I intend to profit from my willingness to try a novel solution with care right here.
~ I intend to profit by doing a better job of informing another right here.

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