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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food Centered Education?

School and college cafeterias could become learning centers. The facilities are there and the personal is there. People in those cafeterias could teach as they fed. People in those cafeterias could learn where they ate.

A society could recuperate and rebuild starting at a dining table. A healthy society learns to eat well. Citizen learners in those cafeterias could provide foundation blocks for a renewing society.

Getting children and youth involved in making and serving their own lunches will help them to honor and respect those who handle their food. The activity of obtaining, preparing, and serving food would certainly help them learn to obtain, prepare, and serve food. It could even provide a way for them to achieve greater ecoliteracy.

Youth and children involved with people and processes that bring food to them can motivate their interest in realizing a more sustainable and nourishing agriculture.

Food centered education can be a politically and economically correct way for the people of a republic to develop a healthy democracy.

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