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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seventh Camera Walk

These are leaves of a jojoba plant. I do nor know whether it is  a male plant or a female plant. If jojoba beans were present I'd know it for a female plant. The jojoba bean gained some fame in the the early 1980s. About that time, those willing to become jojoba bean growers were paid some of your tax dollars to do so.
From the jojoba bean can be extracted a rather nice oil. That oil seemed particularly attractive to some, about the time of the first 'oil crisis.'
Jojoba plantations were created here on the desert, but as more careful calculations were made it was seen that the harvesting of the bean was going to prove too expensive for 'the market.' I think that I can still find a couple of abandoned plantations near here. Not all plantations have been abandoned and some jojoba oil is being produced for the cosmetic market, experimentation, etc.
Some beans were taken to other parts of the world where harvesting and extraction costs would be less and some preparations were made to be ready for an improved demand.

I've just returned from my walk in the desert sun. I feel ready for a cup of coffee, a shower, and a brief nap.

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