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Friday, August 24, 2012

Desert Walk

Just got back from a walk in JTNP. I guess I must admit my interest in scat. I suspect that the roundish grey objects pictured age old droppings of a mountain lion. The brownish stuff is probably coyote droppings.

I was walking in an area about 3/4 of a mile above Lost Horse Wall in a highly frequented area and was noting that there was lots of tufts of a kind of grass that mountain sheep tend to like which had not been grazed. I figured that was due to the high level of human visitation. Then as was walking on ground that would take prints. There I saw mountain lion prints going straight as a arrow for several yards. The prints showed round chubby toe prints and a nice back pad. They were not real fresh, but fresh enough to make me nervous. Couldn't get a decent picture.
Seeing the prints is what made me alert to the droppings. They also made me think that the bighorns had more than one reason not to frequent the area.

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